Sunday, August 13, 2006

3 Things Meme

Three things that make me laugh
funny commercials
Steven Colbert on The Colbert Report
Monty Python

Three things that scare me
clowns (long story, Steven King understands though)
really big bugs that crawl on you in your sleep
thunderstorm and tornados

Three things I love
being in love, especially with mrangelmeg
the smell of a just bathed baby

Three things I hate
intollerance, especially from self righteous people
driving somewhere I have never driven before, especially at night or if I am late

Three things I don't understand
how someone can presume to think they know how good a christian someone else is
people who get bent out of shape by what songs are sung at liturgy when the Eucharist is validly consecrated
why anyone would choose philosophy as a career

Three things on my floor
a NAB bible from my youth ministry days (where did that come from?)
my suitcase that was just unpacked yesterday and isn't put away yet
Three things I am doing right now
talking with my youngest angelbaby
counting down the days till school starts around here, (T minus three -- woo hoo)
Three things I want to do someday
Write and publish a book
travel to Ireland
speak another language fluently

Three things I can't do
speak another language fluently (hence above)
play the violin
bluff at cards convincingly

Three things I should listen to
the voice of the Lord
my gut
my kids

Three things I shouldn't listen to
rap music
country western music
any voice that would lead me astray

Three things I like to drink
decaf coffee (hot or iced)
baileys Irish cream
Simply Limeade

Three favorite foods
chocolate (the darker the better)
rosemary roasted chicken
broccoli with cheese

Three shows I watch
Psych too funny
The Office can't wait for the new season, for now I am watching the webisodes
Project Runway what can I say, this is one reality tv show I love


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