Monday, August 07, 2006

Is This the Good Kind of Tired?

So I have been working the Alumni Reunion today and I have been running my legs off helping the alumni, most of whom are priests (this is a seminary after all) find their way around and get to where they need to be). It has been exhausting and fun.

Tonight I had the pleasure of serving dinner at the banquet celebrating the returning classes. The people at my table were celebrating their 50th year reunion from St Meinrad High School (yes years ago young men came here when they were 14 and stayed through major seminary if that was their vocation). Who should sit at my table but Daniel M Buechlein OSB Archbishop of Indianapolis, my bishop and until a few months ago a man I worked for indirectly. Happily he didn't recognize me as someone he knew, and was very gracious.

Another man who sat at my table was from the parish where I used to work. In fact I have seen three older men from my former parish here that I haven't seen since I quit my job. It was nice to talk to them and let them know that I am all right an doing pretty well in my sabbatical.

I am really tired tonight. I think though all in all this is the good kind of tired, because I have been busy all day being helpful and making a difference. When I go to sleep tonight I will sleep really well.


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