Thursday, March 30, 2006

Breathe in me Breath of Life

My breathing is returning to normal, but still I have moments when I catch myself gasping and sputtering for my next breath.

Did you know that the word Spirit comes from the word Breath? I was pondering that this morning as I lay in bed trying to relax and breathe as normally as possible. I was asking God to bring my next breath to me; trusting that He is loving me into existence and imagining Him breathing His Spirit into me.

When I told my pops, about my asthma attack he related a story about when his daughter was nine years old and had an asthma attack. He told her that the scary monster that was stealing her breath couldn't take both of their breaths away. He helped her calm down by promising to breathe for her, so for each breath she took he took a breath right along with her until she was breathing calmly again. He promised to offer me (his adopted daughter) that same service, should I ever need it. Next time the monster comes to steal my breath I just have to imagine that he is near, helping me to breathe the monster away.

Inthis episode I have learned a great deal about trusting, and surrendering, and listening to those who know more than I about my medical care.

So, today I am breathing, as deeply as I can, and each breath is very sweet because it comes as a meditation on a God who loves me, and friends who care enough to allay my fears.

God is good, all the time.



Suzanne said...

My goodness, I am so happy that you are feeling better! :)

Owen {onionboy | luminousmiseries | & smithereens said...

Breathe deep the breath of God.

Joe said...

I'll throw you in along with our prayers to St. Bernardine (we're a colony of asthmatics ovah heah).