Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Now That was Invigorating . . .

Who am I kidding, I am totally exhausted. Today was the day that the angelbaby decided we would spend shopping on our little spring break trip to visit my mom. Since I am sadly deficient in the shopping gene it took all of the intestinal fortitude that I could muster for me to make it through the stores and mall and all the other places she dragged me as she blissfully spent her money. We went book shopping, and clothes shopping, and toy shopping and after that we walked through the Mall just window shopping.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed spending all of that quality time with my baby girl, who is very quickly getting to be a grown up young woman. I am saddened that I am losing my angelbay so quickly. It was really fun to be able to talk with her and find out just how her nearly 10 year old mind works. We even had time to discuss her Friday plans with her dad and a male friend of hers (not- she tells me emphatically- a date) to play golf, even if it is really cold outside.

We rounded out our whirlwind of shopping by going to the grocery store to buy food so that we could prepare dinner as a surprise for Grandma tonight. She helped me to choose every item we purchased and discussed the menu in depth.

By the time we finally got back to my mom's house I was totally exhausted and ready for a nap but the angelbaby is over in the other room trying to teach her aunt the finer points of the card game that she purchased at Toys-R-Approximately-1/3-of-the-Gross-National-Product-Store. Better her aunt than me, because now I need to go take a nap.



Suzanne said...

The young man tells me this is not a date also. Whatever....;-)
Then again they are alot like siblings, aren't they...well, that isn't a question hard to answer!
I miss running around with my "little" girls! They have gotten so big and although they are sweet, they still are more grouchy than when they were smaller like angelbaby! Oh, you know it was good for you..! Pant Pant! :) You didn't tell us what you fixed for dinner! :(

angelmeg said...

We had grilled tilapia, rice, broccoli and cheese, fresh fruit, and warm bread.

can you guess which of those I didn't get to eat?

no bread, only a bit of rice. I was very good.

everything tasted great.

Suzanne said...

Oh, my! This is right up my alley.
If it makes you feel any better, I have had to give up ALOT of the good bread stuff too. I used to think I had to have it every night. Over the years, I have tried to back off alot and now I do "fairly" well. The belly just knows better for many reasons.
So, I enjoy it as a treat...maybe once a week now or if I happen to have a week of sandwiches, I have to watch it. Anyway, I love the tilapia and veggies, etc!