Monday, March 06, 2006

Loving the Work You Do

Today was one of those days that I cherish in my job. There wasn't one moment all day today from the moment I got to work to the moment I left work that I didn't absolutely love my job. I was constantly busy for most of the day after a very busy weekend. I had phone calls to answer, and bills that had to be paid. I had deposits to make, and a million little annoying jobs to do, but today by the grace of God I could see the significance of each one of them in allowing the parish ministry to run smoothly.

I really felt that the Holy Spirit was guiding me today as I met with a prospective inquirer for our RCIA process, and took a phone call from a member of our RCIA team on another unrelated Matter. I was debriefed by our Pastoral Associate on how the Rite of Election went yesterday at the Cathedral, because I was unable to attend with our Elect as I had to be at Gradual School. She did a wonderful job of making them feel welcomed.

As I said, I am blessed by days like this, and lately they have been few and very far between. I had all but forgotten what it felt like to sit at my desk with a smile on my face and a sparkle in my eye. When I got up to leave for home my heart was very light. I do love the work I do. If God should choose to ask me to leave this parish I will be sad, and miss days like today. But if I leave, I know that there will be days like this wherever I am called to work.



Owen {onionboy | luminousmiseries | & smithereens said...

This is a blessing. I am happy for you. I'd be happy with a job period. This is my six month of unemployment since quiting Protestant ministry to Come Home. I would not change the coming home part at all. I rejoice with you over your day.

Gashwin said...

Awesome, Maggie! I just love the RCIA -- this year, we've had some really powerful stories in our parish. It is always wonderful to hear how the Holy Spirit is working ...