Thursday, March 09, 2006

Plagiarism Thy Name is Hilarious

Maureen Martin over at CatholicNews.Org got "extensively quoted" by a Catholic journalist on her awesome parody about Ashes being one of American Catholic's favorite Sacraments. It's just too bad he didn't take the time to read her sidebar and figure out that her wonderfully witty piece was a parody, and she was poking fun at all those culturally aware Catholics who show up on Ash Wednesday to "get ashed" every year even though they don't actually practice their faith the rest of the year.

He didn't even list her as his source. Only Maureen can have an act of plagiarism end up being so very funny.

We should make him work off his penance by helping her in her wreath making apostolate next fall. I am sure those wreath making supplies can get really heavy after a while.


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Owen {onionboy | luminousmiseries | & smithereens said...

Yup, just like our priest was saying: