Friday, March 03, 2006

Lenten Thoughts?


Are you trying to adhere more closely to your normal prayer routine?

Have you chosen a new prayer form to try this Lent?

What are you reading this lent? Is there anything special you have chosen to read this season to help you focus on the journey?


Are you planning to give up something this Lent?

Is there something about yourself that you would like to eliminate this season, and are using this observance as an aid in helping you to remove this "thing" from your life?

What temptation are you trying to avoid this Lent?


How do you intend to give more this season?

What extra amount of your time, talent, and treasures are you planning to give to God these forty days?

Who do you know that needs the gift of your time?

Just a few things to ponder on this first Friday of Lent.


1 comment:

owenswain said...

The best answer I can give is to say, my thoughts on Lent are on my blog. Sheesh, sounds a cheap plug but it's my honest answer. There's a category just to deal with the Lenten season. Peace to you in yours.