Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Has Sprung, and will be Leaking Tomorrow

Yesterday it was sunny and going on 60 degrees. Today it was even sunnier and nearly 70! Spring is really here, and to think, last week we had a snow storm, which is typical of Midwest spring weather.

Tomorrow of course, because I have to drive to Gradual School, there will be a storm. My only solace is that the storm will water the lovely flowers that are sprouting up all over my flower beds and front lawn.

I love Indiana in the spring. Pretty soon the Dogwoods and Redbuds will start to bloom, and the hills will be filled with color. Spring rivals fall for colorful drives around here because of the flowering trees.

In between raindrops tomorrow I want to remember that God is taking care of creation. I just hope he keeps his more forceful displays of "affection" for our little corner of the world until after I am safely in my room down there and not on the road.


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Suzanne said...

God protect us from all storms, lightening, high winds and in our travel..Thank you, Lord and Amen! :)