Friday, March 10, 2006

Another Step on the Discernment Road

Today I found out that my position at the parish will be ending on June 30th of this year. I have known for about six months that they were going to reformat the position, and I would have to apply for whatever position they finally decided they wanted. It turns out that what the committee has come up with is incompatible with what my families needs and my needs are, and where my charism as a minister is.

I plan to work out the end of my contract, in an uncomfortable truce with Father, as he sort of let me know that he would be happy to see me leave sooner "if I found another position before then". I have work to do until then and I plan to complete it.

I know that God is leading me somewhere new and exciting, I just don't know where that new and exciting place is yet.

Oh won't the journey be fun?



owenswain said...

Ah, now transition is something I know a lot about. I will keep you in my thoughts. You have an excellent attitude toward this. I wonder if becoming an Amateur Catholic has anything to do with this ;-)

Suzanne said...

Happy to see you leave? What is THAT supposed to mean? Surely you jest...just a little here!
Something will come along...God always is willing to give us something very worthwhile to do IF we are willing! You are willing to do much for the love of God!
I LOVE your new facelift here at Transcendental Musings! Doesn't Alexa just beat the rest? Oh yes! By far!

Unknown said...

I hope I have always had a good attitude about God's will Owen. Not just since I joined the ranks of the Amateur Catholics (ha ha).

It probably has more to do with being in St Ignatius' little 34 week retreat with Steve Bogner this year, and having mrangelmeg in my corner than any of my own doing.

I came to this day prepared for this announcement. The way it was delivered was a little harsh perhaps, but I have always said it would be God's will if I left. God has willed I should leave.

Fr. Gaurav Shroff said...

Maggie: gosh, I'll be praying! That reflection on obedience was very powerful too!