Thursday, March 23, 2006

When Eating Right Really Stinks

So, the entire parish staff went out to lunch today; Father's treat. We ate at this new little bistro on the square. Everyone, all the way around the table had these wonderful meals of yummy foods.

You will never guess what I had, because everything on the menu came either on a bun, or covered in sauce or breaded. (which means had things in it I couldn't eat)? I had a side salad, which consisted of lettuce, one cucumber slice and cheese. For dressing the only one they had that didn't have soybean oil was olive oil and raspberry vinegar (that I had to mix together at the table).

Everyone feasted and I ate rabbit food. Oh well, had there been something on the menu that I could have eaten I would have been okay. I shouldn't complain.

I am telling you, this being allergic to everything really stinks.

At least I got to have a bowl of ice cream for desert this evening, because I know the ice cream that I have here at the house doesn't have any ingredients in it that I am allergic to.

This is making me a better person, right? At least it is making me a thinner person.



Tony said...

You really need to learn to like the things you're supposed to eat (or at least not covet your neighbor's lunch).

I'm taking it slow. I've lost 10.75 pounds in the last 5 months, and I have about 32 pounds left to lose.

Suzanne said...

Eat a really nice bowl of the icecream. I would. ;-) Suz

angelmeg said...

You shall not covet your neighbor's lunch?

Is that one of the Commandments?

I suppose for me it should be.

Suzanne said...

LOL! I haven't thought of the thought that I have done that sin waaaay too much!