Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Old Year New Year Meme

This meme gives you a chance to look back and look forward:

ready . . .

What was your favorite movie of 2005?

Chronicles of Narnia or Millions I would have to say.

What was your favorite book of 2005?

This is not a fair question because I am still in gradual school so most of my reading time is spent reading stuff I have to read rather than stuff I want to read and there is a very big difference there.
But I have to admit that one book I had to read this year that I really loved was Send My Roots Rain by Megan McKenna. I found it to be a very inspiring read.

Are you richer or poorer?

Financially I think we are probably a bit better off this year than we were a year ago, a bit less in debt, which is nice. We are richer in love as well, but poorer (at least me personally) at being able to understand my children.

Thinner or fatter?

I am slightly thinner than I was 12 months ago due to the amazing migraine medicine I am taking which has the side effect of weight loss. My clothes fit slightly more loosely than they did a year ago. Now I just need to capitalize on the trend.

What kept you sane the past year?

Prayer, friends and having mrangelmeg around to remind me when I was getting way too wound up.

What personal accomplishment in 2005 are you most pleased with?

Singing at Mass was HUGE for me. Even bigger than playing the flute probably. But I have to say seeing my article: Who is My Mother? in print felt great.

What bad habit are you most motivated to break?

I would really love to stop drinking carbonated soda. I had been off it completely for years and got back into the habit of drinking it when I went to Gradual School. I would love to get back out of that habit again.

Which do you expect to keep?

Yelling at people who drive stupid. And picking at my fingernails. Two habits I can't seem to break no matter what I try to do. Help me someone !

What are you most looking forward to in 2006?

Hopefully this will be the year that our oldest, and our only son will move into his first apartment and get a license and become an independent man. He has had so many obstacles to deal with in his life and I am so proud of his determination and grit as he has conquered them. I am looking forward to seeing him move into a future that will be more independent and self sufficient.

I know that we have grounded him in his faith, and we have given him the strength to withstand anything that he might have to face, and I think it is time for him to get out there and see if he can fly on his own.

If my prayers can keep him airborne there will sure be enough of them to do it.

If anyone feels in an introspective mood, they are welcome to take the tag and look back and forward for themselves.

Pax and Happy New Year

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