Monday, January 16, 2006

Free at Last, Free at Last!

Mrangelmeg and I reached a huge milestone on Friday; we made the last payment on our mortgage and are debt free for the first time in our married life! We started our out marriage with student loan debt and went right from there to a car loan and then a mortgage on our first house. Being good Catholic parents we outgrew our first house and paid off that mortgage only to enter into an even larger mortgage for our present house.

Through careful planning and much work on the part of my diligent and thrifty husband, we have paid off our mortgage, and are debt free, praise God! I don't think it has sunk in quite yet that we get to burn the mortgage papers, but I know that we will be doing it. If I know my engineer husband it will be a great display of pyrotechnics in the back yard. I would settle for a small intimate fireplace ceremony. Either one will include prayers, because without help from God we wouldn't be where we are today., Out of debt!!!!!

It sure is a nice feeling.


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Suzanne said...

Yeah! Wahoooo! Wonderful!
Congrats! :)