Monday, January 30, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

Since the Title already says guilty I don't think anyone should mind that I stole the tag

Music: Heywood Banks, my other guilty pleasure is Broadway show tunes.

Movies: anything that makes me cry, the more Lifetime Movie Network the better.

Politics: I used to be addicted to CSPAN when I was a stay at home mom. Now my real guilty pleasure, and the only place I get my political news is The Colbert Report.

Church Related: I actually like some of the music in the Gather Hymnal (ducks to avoid thrown rotting vegetables)

Chow: I am a sucker for a well made hotdog with everything (except onions unless they are grilled)

Clothing: Shoes, I have way more shoes than I really need. I have a borderline fetish when it comes to shoe buying. I have blogged about it before. At least I buy them on sale 99% of the time.

Hygiene: I will only put lotion on my skin right after I get out of the shower, before I dry off. It seems to be the only time I get any good out of putting the dang stuff on my skin. I slather on the lotion and stand there all dripping wet and lotiony for a bit while it works its way into my skin. You should try it, it feels great.

That was a fun way to waste some time.



~m2~ said...

did you know steve colbert is a devout Catholic?

i adore him. i don't even consider him a guilty pleasure.....well, maybe a little :)

angelmeg said...

Guilty in the sense that I used to get my commentary from a "serious" news outlet and now I get it from Comedy Central.

I love him too. One night he actually said (I am paraphrasing here) "Some of my closest friends are homosexual, and I am Catholic so I know . . . that they are going to hell." You just have to laugh at someone who can make a statement like that with a straight face, go for the laugh in an unapologetic way be true to who he is.

tom said...

hang in there on the Gather songs....beautiful music is beautiful music...How about the St. Louis Jesuits??? I seem to think they were inspired by the Holy Spirit...

tom said...

oh Yeah..Heywood Banks...he is insane! Love his I said, beautiful music....

angelmeg said...

I suppose I should just be glad that Heywood Banks doesn't write Liturgical Music.

Could you imagine Wiper Blades as a Communion Hymn?