Sunday, January 01, 2006


Tom at Boomer Times has tagged me with this new meme in which I must reveal five quirky things about myself.

1) I have an odd form of insomnia that inflicts me not when I first go to sleep, but rather by waking me up in the middle of the night. I am often up three or more nights a week between the hours of three and five in the morning either watching television or reading (I used to surf the net in the wee hours but now the internet connection is in the bedroom and I don't want to bother mrangelmeg so I don't do that anymore) I usually can get back to sleep between five and six in the morning when my schedule allows for a few more minutes of rest. I may have blogged about it a long time ago, but now you know.

2) I can't speak any other languages, more's the pity. I didn't take a language in high school or college, and now I feel as though I am just too old to try to learn a new language.

3) Mrangelmeg's mom still washes and irons his dress shirts most weeks, not because I don't know how to do it, but because she loves to do laundry and I don't. I am so blessed to have her to do this for us.

4) I have to drink coffee when I eat dessert or I can't eat it. I am not sure why but if I don't have coffee I can't take the sweet taste of most desserts except ice cream. When I eat ice cream I don't like to drink coffee. I really don't like to eat cake either.

5) I have a shoe obsession that I got because I had to wear corrective shoes when I was little. I am sure that the shoes I had were very expensive and well made and very nice, but I really didn't like them very much, so now I have way too many pairs of shoes to make up for the fact that I had only one pair of shoes for that year when I was little. My older kids call me Imelda Marcos. I am trying to be better about buying so many pairs of shoes now.

I think I would like to tag Suzanne if she has the time.


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