Friday, January 13, 2006

Thanks Judge Alito

I have had a really hard time finding anything that my middle daughter and I have in common. We really don't like the same books, and we don't have the same taste in movies. We don't watch many of the same television shows, and besides the fact that we both have been taking music lessons from the same woman, we don't share the same taste in music.

But this week we have found a common passion: watching the confirmation hearings for Judge Alito. We both find him to be a very intelligent, reasoned man who has done a wonderful job of keeping his cool under the constant barrage of questions about the same subject over and over and over.

We have had great discussions about the workings of our government, and how the judicial system works. We have had discussions about how the committee structure works and how some Senators, who shall remain nameless, have tried to hijack the proceedings from the chairman who in our opinion has done a masterful job of keeping things on track and staying the course.

We have discussed issues that will affect our future, and how important it will be to have a man with as much intelligence and integrity as Judge Alito on the Supreme Court. We have also discussed how patently obvious it is that it is really important to begin to revisit the idea of strict term limits in the Senate in the very near future.

So, I just wanted to take this moment to thank Judge Alito for giving me a week that has helped me to connect with my daughter in a very unexpected way. We are praying for your confirmation, and will be very happy to watch your swearing in as a Justice to our Supreme Court. It may be the last television program we watch together for a while.


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tom said...

funny how things happen, isn't it...with my sons it is guitar and music with one, and baseball with the other...
By the Judge A going the guy to send Roe where it belongs? If this doesn't work, I don't know if it will ever be overturned.