Thursday, January 26, 2006

4X4 Meme

Because it sounded like fun,I am in an introspective mood, and I finished my homework early.

I got this one from Peni at Martha Martha.

Four jobs I have had (That I actually got paid to do)
1) paper girl (my very first paying gig)
2) Fish and Chips Restaurant Counter (what a smell,and greasy hair!)
3) office "gofer" (best college work study job ever, never worked nights or weekends)
4)Parish Religious Education Ministry (current job, the one I love, at least today)

Four movies I can watch over and over again
1) To Kill a Mockingbird (I read the book about once a year too)
2) Return to Me (I laugh, I cry, it moves me)
3) Kate and Leopold (What can I say, Hugh Jackman with good manners and a shave, what's not to love?)
4) Strictly Ballroom (just for the shear fun of watching that poor woman dance in the fruity rhumba dress!)

Four places I have lived
1) Illinois (Born there, the land I call home)
2) Hawaii (a short but memorable sojourn in the land of one season)
3) Massachusetts (long enough to know I never want to live there again)
3) Indiana (my current domicile though I will never be a hoosier)

Four TV Shows I love to watch (a bit of a cheat)
1) How I Met Your Mother ( This has become my can't miss show of the week! I love all of the characters, and the stories are so well paced and really funny,)
2) Grey's Anatomy or House ( well written and I have a thing for Patrick Dempsey and Hugh Laurie)
3) The Apprentice or Project Runway (Whichever is currently running, love the competition at something I could never do)
4) Mythbusters or Brainiacs (practically the same show, one is just the British version of the other, my kids love them too)

Four Websites I Read Daily
Daily Mass Readings
Daily Reflection from Creighton University
Open Book
Google Images

Four Places I have been on Vacation (in no particular order of preference or other rank)
Charleston South Carolina
Smoky Mountains
Grand Canyon
Windsor, Ontario Canada

Four Favorite Foods (this wasn't intentional, but this really sounds like a great meal)
Rosemary Roasted Chicken
really fresh sweet fruit
broccoli and cheese

Chocolate (a small amount ingested every day makes me capable of being in the company of other homo sapiens)

Four Places I would rather be (this is a toughie since I am sitting in my bedroom in yoga pants and a t-shirt, homework done, kids home and safe and no demands on my time for the rest of the night)

With mrangelmeg (since he isn't quite home from work just yet)
In a place where my mother wasn't ill anymore (God willing, someday she will be free of her disease and reunited with my father in heaven)
In a state of perfect grace (I suppose there is always room for improvement there)

Really, other than that, I'm good. Unless I could have a packing fairy come and pack my suitcase for me so that I would be all ready to go to school tomorrow.

Passing on this meme to anyone with the time and inclination to navel gaze for a while.


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