Monday, January 23, 2006

Years of Faithful Service

The Swiss Guard turns 500

Growing up I always used to wonder at the silly uniforms of the Swiss Guard. My dad told me once not to be deceived by the way they dressed. These guys are the most well trained military regiment in the world. I suppose that 500 years ago their uinform was the height of fashion.

They sure stand out in the crowds at the Vatican. Since there has never been any unrest in Vatican City they must be doing a good job.

Here's to 500 more years of faithful service.



Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Not sure "there has never been unrest in Vatican city" is completely accurate, but Hooray for the Swiss Guard!

tom said...

is it true that those get-up were designed by DaVinci? Did he have a "code" that day? (get it..DaVince code) Ha. stupid, I know.
Still, maybe he was getting back at the church for something.

angelmeg said...

If da Vinci did design the uniform he sure could have used a better color scheme.