Thursday, January 12, 2006

That Piano Obsession

A few years ago I convinced mrangelmeg to get me that piano system for the
computer that was supposed to teach anyone how to play like a pro, all you had to do was hook it up and follow the instructions. I did . . .hook it up and follow the instructions, I mean. But I never really learned how to play.

I learned how to read notes, well mostly I knew how to read the G clef staff anyway because I have played flute since I was 10, so I guess that doesn't really count, and I never really learned the names for the notes on the base clef. I could never actually get those chords to sound quite right, and I really felt sorry for those poor parachute jumping guys because I got really good at murdering them when I was trying to learn the chords. And I would swear with all the breath left in my body that that stinking metronome had it in for me, it always went way faster when I was being tested than it did when I was practicing.

So, I made it through about 13 of the 40 lessons before I found that my wifely and motherly duties took me away from actually practicing any more, and I gave up on ever learning how to play.

Which was really sad, because I really did enjoy it.

Over the Christmas holiday I sat down at my daughter's new portable keyboard we just got her this Christmas, and opened her Christmas Song book (for level one students) and you will never guess, I could actually pick out the melody and a few of the chords!!!

So, I called my flute teacher and asked if she would pencil me in for a piano lesson to go along with my flute lesson. If I am going to be musical at my age I might as well go for the whole thing. I had my first lesson yesterday and I did pretty well for an old gal.

I have a long way to go before I will feel confident enough to play outside my bedroom, but hey if we don't stop learning what is the alternative? I ask you?


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