Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Might Turn Out to Be Interesting

So mrangelmeg is away at his final (almost, he actually missed one so he has a make-up one to take in the spring) Masters Class this week in Indianapolis, which happens to be where I have to go for my class today.

Since the older kids are old enough to take care of the angelbaby and have volunteered to make sure she gets on the bus and make sure she gets her homework done and feed her dinner and stuff, I am going to stay over night with mrangelmeg tonight for a little getaway.

Last month I just waited at the place where I had class till he got out of class and I left my car there and he came over and picked me up. This time though I get out of class at noon and he doesn't get done till after 6, so I have to drive down into downtown Indy (which I hate) to the hotel on my own and get a key from the desk and check into the hotel and hang out for the afternoon and wait for him.

I was going to go straight over, but I think I will go visit my mom at her nursing home and then go over to the hotel. I just hope they remember that I am coming. When a woman shows up at the desk and demands a key to her husband's room are they going to be all Yeah Right who does she think she is!

This could be fun.


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