Sunday, November 09, 2008

Liberal Media Admits Bias

This morning as I was eating my breakfast and watching my morning news show I heard a story in which the Washington Post admitted that it had had an unbalanced editorial slant during the election campaign. The number of stories that were negative toward Obama were fewer than half the number of those that were negative toward McCain.

My response (and that of the newscasters and the expert from the Think Tank they interviewed) was they didn't notice this as it was happening? Seriously? The media drove this election, and anointed Obama for the presidency in many ways.

The first amendment has been trounced upon in the name of "truth in media". Now the liberal media wants to go after any opposition with the "fairness doctrine" and eliminate conservative talk radio. Then all we will have is the Liberal left viewpoint.

No media outlet is completely fair and without bias, but some do a much better job of trying to be balanced than the Washington Post, New York Times and Los Angeles Times did this election cycle. I will have to admit that our local Paper, the Herald Times did a pretty good job of showing both sides most of the time, but they could have shown some restraint as to what qualified as news and what was just pandering in an election year.

I don't think there is any way to get a fair and balanced picture of what is going on from any news agency anymore. Maybe we are lucky that we have remote control technology, that way we can switch between the five 24-hour news channels on the dial and try to figure it out for ourselves.


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