Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This is The Best Day Ever!

Today's Mass readings were all about being a shining example to the world of the One to whom we belong so the world will know Him and want to be His.

I think I might not be the best shining example today . . . I keep taking two steps forward and one step backward and have done that all day long.

I got up early enough to make it to morning mass, which was good. But was so late that I barely made it to my place in the chapel before Fr. walked in to begin Mass (no prayers to prepare myself before Mass this morning).

I went to visit with my mother-in-law which was a really nice thing, but somehow I forgot the time and missed my physical therapy appointment because I thought I was supposed to be there at a different time and I got there twenty minutes later than I was supposed to, so they had to reschedule me for next week which was the earliest they could get me in again.

I found a receipt I have been looking for for something of my mother's and in my excitement I tore it up. Lucky for me it wasn't into little bits and I could still read it enough so that I could call her nursing home and get the matter of it straightened out.

I'm not sure, but I think my new medication is causing me some really strange side effects, and ones I don't know if I can live with even though the pain in my hip is a lot less severe since I have been wearing it.

It is cold and wet again today. Cold wet weather is the worst.

Oh well, I have to remember that the gospel says that we are supposed to be perfected -- a process of getting better, not a state of being without fault. This is one of those days where God is working on me.

I can really feel it.


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Suzanne said...

Life is so confusing. I keep wanting to please the Lord and I keep missing in the area I long to please Him most.