Monday, November 10, 2008

Procrastination Blues

One would think that the writer in me would love this Spiritual Direction Internship in which I am currently enrolled as a student. Each week practically there is a five page reflection paper on some aspect of our journey of discovery, and along with that I have gotten to read four amazing books and five really good articles.

The problem is that I never quite got over my habit of putting off until the last minute any homework that didn't have a due date absolutely staring me in the face. So while I have kept up admirably with most of the reflection papers and book summaries, I am woefully behind on the article reflections.

Suffice it to say that out of the five articles I have read this semester I have summarized only one. The due date for the summaries is now staring me in the face and I have to kick it into gear and while I am doing laundry today (and driving the girls to class and all the other little chores on my well stocked plate) I have to somehow squeeze in four article summaries.

Maybe I had better rethink my strategy for next semester do you reckon? Yeah right, that's gonna happen!

Lucky for me I am not the designated driver to class tomorrow, so if I have to stay up late to get things done at least I won't be falling asleep at the wheel on my way to Indianapolis in the morning. God takes care of fools, or so I have heard.

Better get to work.


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