Monday, November 24, 2008

It Has To Hurt To Heal

They finally know what is causing the pain in my side. It is a tight band of connective tissue between my ilium and my tibia that affects how I walk, how I sit and just about everything else I do pretty much. And to top it all off I have a way of sitting with my left leg curled up underneath me that is just making the problem that much worse no matter how comfortable I think it feels.

So, I have to take physical therapy twice a week, which means the dreaded Graston Technique which involves scraping my leg and hip with assorted curved steel knives to kneed the tissue and get it all back working the way it should.

I also have to wear this really "interesting" patch on my leg. It is called an iontopheresis delivery system and it basically uses batteries to "shoot" the analgesic right into my hip. The closest sensation I can come up with is if someone tried to yank out your hair follicle by follicle over a period of about nine hours -- so enjoyable.

Then each day I have to do stretches of my leg that are meant to stretch the band of connective tissue back to its original length. OUCH! After I hold the three stretches for 30 seconds each I an in so much pain that I have to sit with ice on my leg for 20 minutes.

I realize that this is all good, and in just a few weeks I will be much better and most of the pain will be gone and I will be on the road to total recovery with only the building up of the muscles to do (which shouldn't hurt nearly as much, one would hope). But getting through the next two weeks will be crazy hard.

So, I am going to offer it up. If anyone has a need , just let me know because I have some serious offering up to do.



Suzanne said...

Lord, bless her. Amen.

ukok said...

Praying for you!

angelmeg said...

It looks a great deal as though my leg lost a fight, but I know it is on the mend.

My therapist could get a much better stretch out of it today than the whole week I have been in therapy, so things are looking up.

I am on the mend!! Thanks so much for the prayers Suzanne and UkOk.