Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Little Help

Tonight I have to give a talk at RCIA:

The Ten Commandments NOT The Ten Suggestions

In the eight years that I have done RCIA ministry this is my least favorite talk and one I would never freely choose to do. Out of those eight years, it has fallen upon my shoulders to give this talk . . .

wait for it . . .

eight times!

I guess, God understands better than I do that I have a perspective on sin and the ten commandments that will help those entering the church to see the freedom that they offer as a guide for living one's life.

If you get a chance I would appreciate a prayer (and we all know how God's time works, so if you are reading this on Thursday or Friday or even December 10th, say a prayer for me, it won't go wasted). that my talk goes well and that the young men and women in this RCIA class will have a much better understanding of the freedom of living a moral life after I break open the commandments with them.

I use a very interactive style, and try to engage them as much as possible in the interpretation process, so the Holy Spirit can guide the direction in which the discussion takes. I would hate to go into the evening knowing exactly what I was going to say based upon my faults and failings and not address any of their specific needs. Heaven knows I have enough faults to go around, but my faults are mine and I don't begin to think they would be the same as for a 19 years old college male.

So, again, please send up a prayer that things go well, and that hearts are opened and touched. I would appreciate the back-up.



Mimi said...

Sometimes we get a big kick in the rump, don't we?

Prayers for your teaching!

Suzanne said...

Prayers...don't forget to ask my
little "star student" to pray for you...she is a GREAT prayer warrior, I just learned! angelbaby go! ;)!

victor said...

I've said a prayer for you also!

Good Luck

Suzanne said...

Glad it went pretty well.