Monday, November 03, 2008

From First Things: An Actor Speaks Out

Actor Tim Kelleher (Independence Day, Operation Dumbo Drop, numerous television appearances) writes an impassioned editorial for First Things on Obama's message of Change!

here is an excerpt:

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna vote Obama. I like Barack and understand the enthusiasm. He seems a personification of the hope we presume is inherent to change. I wish I could get on board. I might even seem as cool as the people around me. Yet, behind the sheer charisma and smooth layers of nuance, compatibility with prophetic gospel imperatives is hard to see. Approval of the death penalty, an announced readiness to act militarily against Pakistan in a move that would make Iraq look like a weekend paint-ball game. These don’t point to consonance with Christian concerns, not in a way that seems truly to distinguish him from his opponents. And, then, there’s his willingness to countenance the fifty million we Americans add to every day and which depletes us on every conceivable level.

read the rest here.

My fear is that too many people have been won over by the slick rhetoric and Obama will get into office, and then the slick talk will fall away and his true intentions will surface and everyone will be left wondering how they were so hoodwinked into believing that anything he said was of substance, or that he had the good of the country at heart. I haven't seen even a hint of that from the beginning of his campaign. He is running for the office, not for the people.

At our house we are still fasting and praying and hoping our votes count for something.


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