Friday, September 05, 2008

New Fall Schedule Begining Monday

In January I tried the GO (Get Organized) method with limited success.

I am going to pare back to three theme days for the fall:

Mystics Mondays -- This will be a day for quotes from and reflections on the writings of the Christian mystics that I am studying.

Tuesdays I will most probably be too busy to post anything since that is my travel day to my internship, so I won't plan on having a theme for that day of the week.

Wacky Wednesday -- this will be a day for sharing news of the weird, or something odd that I find out there on the interweb. If anyone wants to contribute just email me.

Thursdays I will be volunteering at school, so that will be another very busy day.

Full of Fun Friday -- This will be the day for meme's quizzes and general blog-bacon (I hate to call it spam, because I enjoy it soo much even though it probably isn't very good for me)

Weekends I will allow myself the luxury of blogging whatever my heart desires.

So, that is the plan. We shall see if it works out this time.


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