Saturday, September 27, 2008

Live Well, Give Back and Leave a Legacy You Can be Proud of . . .

Paul Newman was one actor in Hollywood that always seemed to have class. Hearing today that he had died made me quite sad. He was one of the first to begin the trend that has become so popular of giving back (think George Clooney and Brad Pitt.)

His Newman's Own Brand, and the Foundation that his daughter oversees has given millions of dollars to charities as diverse as cancer camps for children and small needy Catholic schools. He didn't care for politics, if he saw a need he filled it. That is a true statesman.

He will be missed.



Suzanne said...

I think he was a little liberal but not boisterous about it. I think like you said, he sorta reminds me of a Bob Muldoon type personality.
I was always happy that he and his lovely wife stayed so madly in love with one another...a true holy Hollywood couple. God let Paul rest in peace with you and may God bless his widow. Amen
PS Wasn't he a handsome man too?
Beautiful blue eyes!

angelmeg said...

What I meant by he wasn't political was that he didn't only support liberal causes even though his politics leaned in that direction. His foundation gave money to any worthy cause irrespective of its political stance. If it benefitted the community and especially children it qualified as being deserving of funds from the foundation.

That was something I admired.

angelmeg said...
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