Monday, September 01, 2008

Maybe It's About Confronting Big Oil not Apeasing Women

If Liberal women think that the only reason that McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate is because she is a woman and he thought that would appease them they must really have a very shallow opinion of how politics works.

He was looking to find a running mate who had substance when it came to energy policy, and Mrs. Palin has shown great leadership in just that area in her short time in office in Alaska. She has confronted Big Oil in a big way and she didn't back down. McCain knew that he needed someone like that in his corner. It isn't always about gender. Sometimes it is about balance and results.

And another thing, she gets things done. She has proven that throughout her political career. She has beeen in politics begining at the local level since 1992. She didn't have the draft of a well known spouse for name recognition when she began her run for office, and yet the Liberal women are all screaming that she doesn't have enough experience.

After all what has the Freshman Senator from New York (who never held political office before she was elected may I remind you) been able to accomplish in her short time in office except a failed run for President?



Suzanne said...

It clearly is about so many things. It is all very amazing how in this very time, a woman with alot of "story" behind her..comes with so much for us to open up about now...her life enables us also to really discuss these issues and see how one family is dealing with them..seems like with integrity and grace. So interesting for these times! Ah!

owenswain said...

I can't keep up with the liberal bigotry and sexism on this issue. It's really very enlightening. Lefties ae just people too, as much as they want to be gods.