Tuesday, September 02, 2008

In the Blinding Flash of a Moment of Grace . . .

This Man went from Basic Instinct to Bearing the Cross at Mass.
You can read the entire story here.

He has lived near Cleveland for a while now and is confronted with the disconnect that the Hollywood elite has for what we here in the heartland really consider to be entertaining.

He said that living in the heartland, he sees how much Hollywood producers are out of touch with most Americans.

"I find it mind boggling that with nearly 70 percent of Americans describing themselves as Christians, and witnessing the success of The Passion of The Christ and The Chronicles of Narnia, that Hollywood still doesn't do the kinds of faith-based and family-value entertainment that people are desperate to see," Mr. Eszterhas said.

From your mouth to the ears of the movers and shakers Joe. That is my wish.

I also want to say, while there are some problems with the human men who run our beautiful church, I don't think it is nearly as dour as you have it in your head that it is. Give some of the priests you will be meeting a chance, they aren't all out to do harm to your sons. Oh, and welcome home.

h/t to God'sbody for the link.


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