Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Conversation After Mass This Morning . . .

Me: This is what I read today after Communion:
(reading from the book)

Wit is generally a dangerous gift. It often conceals a lack of charity and a satanic sharpness. A recklessly witty man is seldom a kind
one. Only too often he seeks himself, and loves to shine as a wit at the
expense of humility and charity

Fr. Don.: (Assoicate Pastor: affectionately known as the Prince of Darkness)
Sounds like me.

Me: Exactly what I was thinking.

Fr. Don: What book is that?

Me: The Three Keys to Heaven by Moritz Meschler, SJ

Fr. Don: (knowingly) Ah, a Jebbie.

Me: Still, doesn't make it not true.

Fr. Don: Well. Not all sarcasm is bad you know. Try driving without it.

Me: Point taken.


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Suzanne said...

LOL! You two! Now you are both a hoot, and two of my very favorite hoots! LOL!