Monday, August 04, 2008

It Would Just Be Easier . . .

to go right back out of the house on another vacation somewhere than have to deal with all of the hassles of getting resettled at home. After all, I am already packed!

We got home to find our dear son who was taking care of the house neglected to tell us that the heat pump had been leaking water onto the floor of his bedroom (the heat pump is in his closet) for a week! Anyway, after an expensive visit from the HVAC guy we found out that the AC was on so low that the coils and drain hose had frozen and when the ice reached a warmer section of either it began to thaw, hence the carpet in his room is ruined.

We had to tear it out and clean up the concrete under it. Neeedless to say we won't be replacing it will wall to wall anytime soon. I helped him pick out some room-sized area rugs to cover the concrete so that next time (heaven forbid ) something like this happens we can move the rugs before they get tototaled.

Then we also have a fruit fly infestation because they didn't do a very good job of taking out garbage while we were away.

And I still have all of those silly jobs that I usually do over the summer that I never got around to doing this year because I was away (like cleaning out cabinets and stuff like that).

So, I was toying with the idea of chucking my still packed bag into the car and getting out of Dodge, but the angelbaby has to start school in a week, and I haven't seen my mom in nine weeks, and the two older girls have tons of testing and administrative chores to do before they can register for fall classes which start in three weeks, so as much as I would love to run away, I really can't.

But I may just sneak off for a night or two to see a friend when things calm down in a week or so; haven't seen them in even longer.

It is great to be home and sleep in my own bed for a change. I had about the best night of sleep I have had all summer last night, and then because someone needed a sub I got to be Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at Mass, how cool is that?

No matter how much I complain, it really is nice to be home.

As soon as I get my computer fixed (taking it in tomorrow) I will post some more pictures of our trip.


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Suzanne said...

Fruitflies! UGH!!! I have had that happen. I had to keep everything clean constantly and keep every crumb, fruits, everything in the frig for weeks. I was wiping, spraying, and smacking em left and right. Eventually they went away...have fun!
If you ever find a good cure let me know...every once in awhile we get a little group visit around the bananas, but nothing nothing like that one time!