Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm In . . . Oh Dear!

My interview went even better than I could have expected. It was Spirit led and Spirit filled and we talked about a lot of topics; some personal, some professional. I laughed, I cried, and I must have said the right things because rather than follow the usual procedure of meeting together after my interview to determine if they thought I would fit into the program and then sending me a letter of acceptance or rejection, they offered me a spot in the program right there at the interview! I was so humbled by that, but also filled with joy, because now I know and can get on with planning my fall around the trips to Indianapolis.

So it is back into the classroom for me for another two years. Oh well, it isn't as if I ever thought I was at the end of my ability to learn new things, and I am really interested in learning about and becoming a Spiritual Director, so I am actually really excited about the thought of going back to class again.

I promised to leave it up to God, so I suppose that I have to assume that God has opened this door for a reason. I need to have the courage now to walk through the door and see where it leads.



Mimi said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations!

Suzanne said...

I second that! ;)