Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Off!

In a few minutes I will be leaving to drive to Chicago (by myself *gulp*) to spend a few days with Deacon John and his wife. Deacon John underwent his stem cell transplant on Friday. I talked with him for a few minutes yesterday and he sounds in good spirits but a bit tired out which is to be expected. The doctors informed him that the big push is to be expected in the next few days, so my timing is probably pretty good. I will see him today and he will still be okay but by tomorrow he will be going downhill fast.

Offer a few extra prayers for him today, and if you think of it say a prayer that I make it there in one piece. I have never ever driven to Chicago. I have twice rode in a car that drove to somewhere near Chicago but I have to drive right down into the belly of the beast so to speak to the University of Chicago Medical Center Hospital. Mapquest in hand and angels on my bumpers I believe I will make it there safely, but prayers would be greatly appreciated.

As to my medical concerns: my blood tests all came back normal, which is good. Still haven't heard about the ex-rays or the CAT scan, so am holding to my mother's advice that it is nothing until it is something and trying to not do things that make it hurt worse (if I only knew what those things were.)

I may not have access to the Internet until I get back on Sunday. So goodbye for now.



Mimi said...

Travel safely

Suzanne said...

Dear Lord and her Guardian Angels, please keep her safe. Amen..please help this young man heal well. Amen.