Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who Has Time to Work?

I realized this afternoon when I was on my third trip out to taxi my college age children who don't yet feel comfortable enough to drive themselves (one is autistic the other has epilepsy, so they may never clear that hurdle) that I really don't have time for the part time job that mrangelmeg and I had discussed last spring.

We had talked about my getting a substitute teaching license, but in actual fact there isn't one day a week when I am free to sub an entire day because I have commitments each day. Taking the girls to their classes at the community college takes up from 1:45 to 5:30 (not all that time but I have to be available during those hours to taxi one or both of them during those hours) on Monday and Wednesday.

What I did today was drop them off, come back to the house, work on a few rows of knitting and realize it was time to go back and retrieve one of the girls to get her to the other campus for her next class. Then I came back to the house, read a few pages of the book I am reading for my internship and checked on the angelbaby when she came in from school and then it was time to get both the girls from two different campuses after their classes were done for the day. The same schedule will repeat on Wednesday.

I really don't even have time to run errands for fear that I will get caught all the way across town and not be able to get back in time to pick up the girls on time. I will have to see how creative I can get with the little bit of time I have to use before it is time to go back out for another run. I am encouraging one of them to at least try to get a license, but I don't want to push her into anything. I realize how scary it can be when you have a disability.

So, for the time being I am being a taxi-mom.



zymurgyathome said...

I shall never (OK, maybe occasionally) complain about carting my five year old around again. Thanks for the reality check

Suzanne said...

I'm off to get Aaron who has a fever...I want to spend time with my grandboys though and it seems that this is the only way. I hope he isn't too sick...still, I know...who has time...I'm always running somewhere..guess its good for me ..???

angelmeg said...

When we got married we used the old Catholic vows that included the line that we would "accept Children graciously as a gift from God", , ,

We just never thought it meant that we had to accept them forever on a daily basis.

We can't seem to get any of our kids to move out of our house. Yet.

Maybe, someday. Please God they will find the courage to move out on their own.

Suzanne said...

I understand what you mean, but in my case, you know how that went and now one of them wants to do that, but in no way is she ready...financially or really even emotionally, but esp. not financially. I thought about encouraging them to move in together, but that would be a huge fight in about 2 weeks if that long...they are opposites in many ways and one would use it as a flop house, so to speak and the other would then feel hurt and left out.
Maybe someday H and T could share a place! Who knows? Huh? I'm not sure any of our other girls would do as well together, to be honest with you. What do I know, but still, I know what you mean. I so wish that things would make a little sense for a changed...I am so confused! Pray, pray, pray...sigh and pray more. :) That's about what we can do best and wait for enlightenment for the Almighty...and then hopefully each person will listen!