Sunday, August 17, 2008

Looking Back Can Be Fun

I have been emailing a friend from elementary school (Hi Tim) lately and we have been exchanging little known facts about our neighborhood (like neither of us knew that our neighborhood had a name, but here it is a historic district even)

We have been passing back and forth memories about our grand old elementary school which is now all boarded up. You can see it in this video of the neighborhood if you are that interested. some of the happiest times of my life were at that school. I was reminding Tim about the Principal we had when we were in Kindergarten who made it possible for those of us who could already read to take reading with the First grade class without feeling like we were freaks because we were smart. In fact the one thing I remember about that school was that intellect and curiosity were encouraged. We had very few bad teachers.

Among the other friends I have encountered from that era is a family that I have a special place in my heart for because I was friends with the oldest daughter Laura, but whenever I spent time at their house I was always made welcome. The son Jeff, was one of those really brainy kids, a year behind us in school, but sometimes I thought miles ahead of me in intelect. If I were to be completely honest with myself I probably had a bit of a crush on him, but he was my friend''s younger brother after all and that meant he had cooties for sure. I definitely thought he was totally cute the year he had to wear a patch over his eye to cure his lazy eye. It gave his head a slight list to one side which made him seem all the more quizical and just added to his charm (or so my little girl brain thought).

Considering he grew up to be an engineer, (doesn't that sound familiar) and I know from his podcast that he has a wicked sense of humor, he actually grew up to be quite a bit like the guy I eventually married. How funny is that?

And then, the coincidences don't end there. Tim reminded me that he and Jeff were friends. They used to make radio DJ recordings into an old tape recorder together. I love the internet, because it reconnects people over years and lives and memories in such great ways.

Now I have these people back in my life. Which for right now, makes me very, very happy.


Anyway, I have really enjoyed the memories.


zymurgyathome said...

Perhaps the Broadway Historic District only became "historic" because we had lived there?


angelmeg said...

WEll of course, I never thought of it that way. Why wouldn't our living there make for a Historical designation.

It was a grand old place that neighborhood. We pretty much had free run of it growing up. I can't imagine my kids ever having as much freedom as we had.