Sunday, August 24, 2008

BAck in the Saddle Again . . .

So, here I am on a Sunday afternoon, reading and taking notes for a class. Is it deja vu all over again or am I really studying for a new program so quickly after graduation? AM I NUTS?
At least the first chapter of this book is extremely familiar territory, as the early mystics are Clement, Origin, Antony, you know, the guys we learned about in Early Church History. The book even gives some equal time to Maryof Egypt, Macrina, and the Mary/Martha question of contemplation vs action, so women are equally present in the early history of Christian mysticism.
I think this will probably be a quick read, and am hoping that is so, because I hear that two of the other books that are due later in the semester are a bit harder to get through, so the quicker I finish this one the sooner I can move on to the next one.
Each book requires a five-page analysis of the relevance of the material to my journey of spiritual enlightenment. My plan is to write the papers as soon as I complete the book rather than waiting until they are due (the first one is due in mid September). I am still not familiar with the reflection process that they use, and want time to work with the reflection questions and get my thoughts in line and hopefully the class discussions that are supposed to coincide with each of the books will help to crystallize my reflection, maybe. The nicest thing is that this paper isn't going to be graded, it is really more for my benefit and growth, so the deeper I can get into the process of mining the benefits or struggles from the book the better it will be for me.
I had better get back to it. Hope your Sabbath is as peaceful.

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