Thursday, August 07, 2008

Computer Update

The Computer Guys have my laptop back to me working good as new, and I am pleased as could be that I didn't have to send it off to Dell and be without it for a couple of weeks. It wasn't even all that expensive considering they replaced the hard drive. It is working like a charm and I didn't lose a speck of data that I can see even ITunes is running smoothly.

I have it up and running, and I have taken the precaution of getting a new wireless keyboard, because we found that part of the problem with the crashes I was having before were being caused by my old wireless keyboard. When I stopped using it I wasn't crashing five times a day. So, I have a new Keyboard and mouse and my laptop is up on a mesh inbox so that it gets enough cool air flowing through underneath it, and I am good to go.

It is really nice to be on the computer before midnight (when I was sharing with the kids the only time I could get on was when they were done and had gone to bed unless I threatened them, and you all know I am much to nice to threaten my kids.


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Rosemary said...

Don't you love having your own laptop? Glad you have yours back. Mine is my favorite toy.