Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tragedy Has Struck (Stricken?)

The angelbaby found out the most devastating news of her short life today . . . her favorite teacher; the one she has waited twelve long years to get to have (her older siblings all had him, even son and heir had him the year she was born, so she has known him her whole life) has been transferred to another Elementary School effective this School Year! This isn't some idle rumor either, we got it right from his own mouth when we saw him at the Farmer's Market this morning.

She is practically in mourning. She has built up for her entire time at her school how great it will be to finally be in his class this year that she can't possibly imagine what it will be like to have to endure another teacher for the year. I have been telling her that she will still have all of her friends there, and she will still be in sixth grade and we all know that sixth graders rule the school. Nothing seems to help.

I am at a loss as to how to make this better for her. I know that Wednesday when she gets to school, no matter who her teacher is everything will work out, but somehow this has come as a real shock to her system.

I despise the fact that the only thing I can tell her is that life just isn't fair, and then you die. I have been trying to help her realize that perhaps she will be surprised and she will have a teacher that she likes even better than she would have if she had had Mr Love (I am not making that up, that really is his last name.)

So, this school year will have more surprises than I ever expected.


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