Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Unbelievable, but True!

Proof that no good deed goes unpunished, Katelyn Sills, the young woman who's mother reported that a Drama teacher at Katelyn's Catholic High School was working as an escort for planned parenthood in her "free time" which subsequently led to the firing of said teacher, has been expelled from the school!

Can you believe the irony of this? Katelyn is a subversive force in a Catholic High School for standing up for Catholic beliefs with every breath in her body and every ounce of moral fiber she possesses. I really question how the administration of the school handled this entire episode, as noted on Rick Lugari's Blog, sending letters like this to all the students seems very mean spirited and vindictive.

My only thought is; perhaps it is time for the Bishop to take a long hard look that this "catholic" high school and decide whether or not they can continue to call themselves a Catholic School. If this is how they resolve a simple issue like this, obviously they don't understand what it means to be Catholic.

As for Katelyn, perhaps she needs to find a more Catholic high school community in which to thrive. She is certainly my hero. I wish I could send her a big hug, because I know that this must really hurt.


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