Wednesday, November 16, 2005

This Generation's Better Living Through Chemistry

This Article in the New York Times (You may have to register to view it, but the registration is free) is a bit frightening. The new generation knows exactly what it wants, paxil, prozac, no wait a minute, today I need a ritalin or two.

I guess what really scares me about this isn't the self medication, it is their sense of entitlement. Perhaps Huxley wasn't so far off in Brave New World, when his characters took pills to cure all their ills.

These young execs trade prescription drugs like they are sweaters they don't need anymore, and they seem to feel as though they know more than the medical community. I wonder if they realize that some drug dosages are based upon weight, so the pill that was the proper dose for a 210 lb man might be an overdose for a 115 lb woman? I wonder even if they care?

It also occurs to me that they probably don't care since the article says that they lie to their Dr's to get medications that they think they need. I am sure that their medical insurance is picking up the tab for the prescriptions as well. And we wonder why we are all paying so much for our prescription drugs.


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Hector said...

Wow! This is so dangerous! It does speak to an attitude of being above everyone else...