Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Note of Explanation

Since the Summer of 2003 I have written a weekly reflection for the bulletin at the parish where I work. It is called The Good News About . . . and is a short piece for Whole Community Catechesis that has a question or two after it for families to discuss on the way home to extend the gospel into their week.

I was informed that there will no longer be room for my reflections in the bulletins beginning this Sunday. As I have found these to be such a great help to my own spiritual development and preparation for Sunday liturgy I am planning to continue to write them and from now on I will be posting them here, so that all two of my loyal readers can benefit from them as well.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that your column won't be in the bulletin anymore, but glad to hear that you're continuing to publish them in your blog (which is where I read them). :-)