Monday, November 14, 2005

The Good News About the Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sorry this is late, but I was sick last week and it was on my work computer and I didn't get back to the office till today. This week I will post it on Wednesday.

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"To everyone who has, more will be given to him and he will grow rich."
This Gospel of the talents is about using wisely the gifts we are given. If we simply bury our gifts and offer back to God only what He has given to us, what does that say about what they mean to us? God expects us to use the gifts He offers us to further His kingdom here on earth. The servant who buried his talents for fear of losing them thought he was being prudent. God asks us to step out in faith, and risk for the kingdom. If God gives us the talent to do something, and we keep that talent to ourselves, not sharing it to further His kingdom, then we are saying that that talent doesn't mean much to us. If on the other hand, we offer our gift to the world in service to the kingdom, then it will return to us and in some way we will be rewarded. If you have a lovely singing voice, but only sing at home, how can that voice ever praise God? If you sing in the church choir, your voice can praise God and other people will be inspired to praise God as well, and your gift will bring others closer to God. Knowing that you are bringing others closer to God will bless you richly.

Family Car Chat (for the ride home) what gift do I have that I am hording? How can I share my gift for the kingdom of God?

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