Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stress: That Big Hairy Monster That is After Me

Sometimes I think the stress in my life is about to engulf me. It starts out this cute little stress bunny. I think I can handle them. Like the stress from school, where I have two papers due in two weeks, and a final to study for, and then in three weeks I will have another class that will begin and I got my assignments for it and the cute little stress bunny just became an ugly big monster.

There is stress from my health conditions. I am taking medication for migraines that is working amazingly, I haven't had a migraine in months! Praise God and pharmacology. But the side affects from the medication are different than I thought they would be, and I am having to deal with them on top of an increase in pain from my arthritis. The stress monster just got a little bigger and scarier.

Then there is stress from my work place. The new pastor, the changing offices, finding out how to move all my stuff while the person whose office I am moving into isn't on the same schedule as I am is going to be a real challenge. Stress monster alert!

Add to that the stress that five-only-children (mrangelmeg has always said that we don't have a family of five kids, we have five only children) can bring into a life, and three of those five kids are teen agers, and two of those kids are special needs kids, and one of those kids is in college, and one of those kids is in grade school, and one of those kids is out of school but still not ready to be fully on his own. Then this week three of the kids are sick. Does that stress monster have two heads?

The only thing that has been keeping me sane lately is my prayer time. I have been taking about ten minutes every now and then to just be still and remember who is in control, and then thanking God that it isn't me. The stress break really tames the monster, and sometimes amazingly the monster even goes away for a while.

Praise God!


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