Monday, June 20, 2005

The Greeks Have a Word For It

Ever since I started seriously studying Scripture, way back when I was just a young married woman, I have come to realize just how important some knowledge of Greek is. A wise man I knew back then used to say "The Greek's had a word for it". Do you know what? He wasn't often wrong about that. Ancient Greek, at least the Greek of the Bible was very descriptive and specific. When you understand the Greek in the text of a scripture verse, you understand the meaning that has been lost in translation because we American English speakers just don't have those shades of meaning in our words.

Take for instance, one of the most often misunderstood passages from the Epistles:

If you look at the NAB Translation of 1Timothy 2:11

A woman must receive instruction silently and under complete control.

This would make most contemporary women scream, but if you look at the Greek word for Silently ( or rather in silence) and what you get is hesuchia which means in a state of inner quietness and contemplation. Now doesn't that change the whole structure of the statement.

I really should have taken the time back then when I was younger and my mind was more limber to really study Greek, because now that I am in Gradual School and may have to seriously study the language, it may be very difficult to do the mental gymnastics required to conquer the subject matter. I have decided that it would be in my best interest to do it though, so I am just going to have to.

O darn there goes my last little moment of free time, oh well it is so overrated anyway.


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