Thursday, June 30, 2005

Eleven Real American Idols

One of my Holy Blogs of Obligation ( a blog I read almost every day) is written by a a young man who is soon to be joining the ranks of the Jesuits. His name is Sean Salai and if you click on his link you can read about the ten other men who will be joining him on this journey.

I think these men are heroes. They have listened to the voice of God in their lives and responded to it in a very special way. The journey to becoming a Jesuit is a long one. It takes nearly twelve years from when they begin to their ordination as priests. During that time they will be learning and growing and working and listening to God in their lives.

Sean's website has email links for each man, so if you want you can send messages of encouragement to them. I think that would be a great thing to do.

I plan to add these eleven men to my list of seminarians that I pray for. I will also introduce these men to the young boys and girls that I work with in my parish. I think these men are the kinds of people that my boys and girls should Idolize.


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