Monday, June 20, 2005

The End of an Era

It is official. This evening I carried the last box out of the office that I moved into when I first took my job on October 1, 2000. Nearly five years of clutter and accumulated files and resources have been completely moved out. Nothing is left in the office but the furniture, a computer (not mine, I took mine and left another for Fr. To use if he needs one) and a few silk plants, a small American flag in a stand on the desk, and a few generic files I thought he might need.

Everything is boxed up and in my new office or the closet, or the basement. I do have some things on the shelves and in the desk, but there is no way that everything I had in the old office will ever fit into the new office. I have a lot more culling and organizing to do before I am completely moved in, but I do feel a sense of accomplishment that I'm half way done.

It will probably take me till well into the fall to get everything back to where I can find things without having to look in ten places. I guess I will just have to pretend I am on a scavenger hunt every time I need something.

The Youth Minister said today that this really has been good for us, because it has made us do some serious cleaning and culling and forced us to get rid of quite a bit of useless clutter. I have to agree with her. As annoying and troublesome and difficult as this move has been, it really was good for me. I just hope I don't have to do it again for at least another five years or so.


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