Friday, June 17, 2005


I was sitting in the quiet church this morning doing my weekly hour of adoration. I was trying to do my best to just be still in the presence of Jesus; nothing more. I wasn't going to beg for more time to get all my reading done for my class this weekend, or complain that my kids never do what I ask them to do, or whine that my mom doesn't know who I am any more, or gripe about how difficult this office shuffle has turned out to be. I just wanted to sit there in the peace and quiet in the church and for a short time have nothing disturb me.

I closed my eyes and let my mind go completely blank. My Jesuit friends would be so proud of me. This was really an effective clearing of the mind; no thought clutter, nothing. I didn't even fall asleep this time, something I have wont to do on occasion.

What happened next was the most serene span of time. I wasn't aware of the moments passing, I was only aware of the presence of the Transcendent. There was a warmth that radiated through me in the cold church, and a sense of peace that swept over me. When I became aware of my surroundings again there was only one word, perfectly formed in my consciousness: Whatever.

I sat there in awe, and with complete understanding of what the word meant for me. Whatever comes I can handle it when I am united with Christ. In Christ I have the strength to do what I need to do whatever is asked of me. Whatever trials I may face in the next days, weeks months, nothing will overpower me if I remember that in Christ I will find the answers, or at least the was toward the answers.

Whatever! That will become my prayer.

I love Adoration, If you aren't speding time in adoration, I highly recommend making time in your week for an hour with Jesus. I equate it to plugging my cell phone in to recharge the battery. I thought my daily prayer life was pretty full until I started doing this weekly devotion. What a poweful addition to my spirutual workout.


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