Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Humility Comes With Paw Prints

The mock-up of the parish newsletter came today for us to preview before it goes to the printer. Instead of my usual column on the front page of this month's newsletter there was a very long, step by step description of the Native American inspired burial service that was held a few months ago for the parish cat (a valued pet of the Pastoral Associate). I was crestfallen.

I had worked very hard on an op-ed piece about the election of the new Pope, and in my not so humble opinion I thought it was a very good piece of writing. I had turned it in on time to the co-editor of the newsletter committee to the same email address as I had turned in all of the other information I had sent, which by the way made it into the newsletter. And yet, it just wasn't there.

This wasn't the first time my article was either left out, relegated to a last page, or substantially edited from its original form. I have become accustomed to being the person on the staff who; while the one who turns in her piece way ahead of time, always seems to have the most trouble getting it printed in a way that makes it readable or noteworthy.

So, while I have to admit I was upset at first. I decided that I had to take it as an opportunity to be humbled and let it go. My rightful place usurped by a dead cat. You just have to laugh, or cry I guess.

Later this morning the newsletter editor called me and apologized and said she never got my piece and if I had another copy she could insert it instead of the cat story, which they had used as last minute filler. I sent another copy and was rewarded with a front page space. Maybe I did learn something, but I will have to pray about this whole thing to figure out just what the message was that I should take away.


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