Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Success: Just Don't Look in the Closet

When I left my office today my desk was cleared off. Every book had a place on a shelf. Every file had a place in a cabinet, and every box had been cleared out from underneath my desk. My new office looked neat and orderly for the first time since the start of the whole reorganization, and I can actually find almost everything I need to get my work done.

Well, that is except for all of the resources I will need for my programs in the fall, which are presently boxed up and shoved into a closet in the corner of the office. This closet was a connecting walkway between my old office and the present office I have, which was used by the Youth Minister. We kept the doors open so we could converse and walk between the two offices. Father said he wouldn't be needing to use the closet, so I took him at his word. I closed the door on his side and piled boxes on three sides of the walls.

Eventually in the next few weeks someone is going to come in and install a closet system of hanging shelves and bins so that I can have storage from floor to ceiling on three sides of the closet and get everything organized and in plain sight. This will make finding the resources I need for my programs so much easier than I have ever had it in the old office where they were spread out in any available storage space or file drawer.

So, I really do believe in the end this move will have been a great asset to my ministry. I just hope God doesn't mind my having grumbled and complained so much throughout the process of getting from where I was to where I will eventually be.

Really isn't that a lot of what our lives are like, grumbling and complaining about getting to where God wants us to be?


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