Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I AM: God of the Present Moment

Today has been one of those days when I have needed to be reminded that God is I AM: God of the Present Moment. God is not a God who was only present in some past time that I can only learn about through Holy Scripture, God is here with me now. God is not a God of some future that I have to wait for or hope for or live for, God if here with me now.

Today I have needed that I AM God. "Be still", God says "and know that I am God" nothing is required of me but to be, and God will be with me in this present moment, when I need to be comforted and encouraged, and lifted up. I just have to be still. I don't even have to put my prayer into words, because God knows what my prayer is. God knows my needs.

Today has been one of those days when I have only been capable of being still. God has been so present to me this day. God has been with me in the present moment of my pain and confusion and need.

Trust, surrender, Believe, Receive. That was a chant prayer we sang on a Eucharist retreat. I love the thought of surrender as a posture of prayer. Surrender to me is like Koinoia, total self giving. When you surrender to God you hold nothing back. Today I surrendered all of my energy, will, pain, hope and future to God, because God can do a much better job of managing it than I can.

In my weakness in this present moment the Great I AM: God of the Present Moment will be my strength.


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SylvanSurf said...

The "I am" found in Exodus 3 is more than just a decleration of present being. It is more siilar to the descritionof God by the angels of Revelation who say to the effect "Holy, Holy, Holy is God, who WAS, and IS, and who IS TO COME."
God is outside of time. There is no past or future for God.